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Investor Relations Center

Based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to be an attractive and stimulating investment destination for continuity and expansion. One of its most important goals is to encourage foreign investors in Saudi Arabia. We are Business skills company, Taqeeb services office, we are keen to assist you in establishing your company in Saudi Arabia. We connect you with the Saudi Investment Authority for Foreigners by providing our services by a team of experts in all fields from issuing, amending and renewing licenses to owning or selling real estate. Our goal is to clarify the requirements and procedures for the services provided in the Ministry of Investment to raise efficiency in the implementation of services with a quality that befits our clients, and we also aim to provide a reference for all employees of the Ministry of Foreign Investment in Saudi Arabia and the relevant authorities to ensure the enhancement of transparency and clarity in the procedures of the services provided and the standardization of implementation mechanisms.

What is our working mechanism?

Study the Saudi market

We offer you a comprehensive study through which the market will be studied in an attempt to reach knowledge of investment opportunities through this target market, especially in the field that you want to work on.

Develop investment opportunities

We provide an enabling environment for the investor and clarify the possible opportunities to invest his money based on financial and economic studies.

A clearer view of investment developments

Our goal is to overcome the challenges facing investments and investors and provide a clearer vision on investment developments and the Saudi national strategy to help in the growth of the economy and diversify its sources.

Clarify ways to invest

We clarify the ways of foreign investment in the Kingdom in terms of conditions, procedures, privileges, guarantees, and safeguard your rights as an investor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Join with many successful organizations

One of the leading companies that are managed with ambitious and creative minds. The services are provided in a professional, professional and credible manner, and what distinguishes them is the creative team and effective communication with partners. We are proud to work with them as part of a team and one spirit. We wish you leadership and global.
باندا اكسبرس
Through my dealings with them, I noticed the great interest and effort to reach with them the interface and services that suit your activity .. In short, they make you feel that they own the business.

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Business Maharat Company is a service office specialized in setting up companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide Successful solutions in the field of foreign investment in Saudi Arabia. Maharah Aamal Business Services Company CT: 1010789751

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