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Contract drafting

Good drafting of the contract requires thinking about its subject in preparation for determining its vocabulary on the one hand, and making sure that the drafting is correct, clear and complete on the other hand, which requires adherence to some principles in the preparation stage and the final writing stage, as detailed below. If you have a company or you are a project owner, regardless of the scope of your commercial activity, you are indispensable for the contract drafting service, in order to establish correct and lasting legal relationships, thus avoiding future mistakes and unexpected disputes.. The drafter must take into account, in reviewing the drafting of the contract, the extent of the contract response to the customer's desire. Business Maharah offers you the service of contract drafting for its corporate clients and business owners, through lawyers who specialize in commercial contracts and have extensive experience in developing contractual solutions. Legal protection is provided to individuals and companies in anticipation of any obstacles that arise by regulating contracts in a manner that preserves the rights of all parties, in accordance with the legal texts in force.

What is our working mechanism?

Correct wording

Contracts require verification that the acceptance matches the offer, and we help you provide the correct drafting conditions and all the elements that must be included in the contract.

Providing legal protection

The legal protection service includes sound legal drafting without any gaps or errors. The contract shall state the rights and obligations of each party in clear legal language.

Extensive experience in contractual solutions

Just writing experience is not enough. We have a specialized team that is familiar with all kinds of disputes and issues, so that the contract is a preventer of disputes in the implementation phase.

Drafting all kinds of contracts

We have a team of specialists in drafting legal contracts and agreements in most areas, proposing accurate legal formulas.

Join with many successful organizations

One of the leading companies that are managed with ambitious and creative minds. The services are provided in a professional, professional and credible manner, and what distinguishes them is the creative team and effective communication with partners. We are proud to work with them as part of a team and one spirit. We wish you leadership and global.
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Through my dealings with them, I noticed the great interest and effort to reach with them the interface and services that suit your activity .. In short, they make you feel that they own the business.

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