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What is the Absher system?

Absher is an electronic system launched by the Saudi Ministry of Interior that enables a secure digital transformation that enables access to data and services in a secure digital manner. Through the Absher service, you can issue or cancel a travel permit, issue or renew a residence permit, issue an exit and return visa, or cancel a visa. Inquiries about health insurance and its validity for residents. You can inquire about new workers and visitors. You can also inquire about residence validity and arrival of workers and inquire about fingerprints.

What is our working mechanism?

secure digital system

Absher services provide you with a specialized service that facilitates the review of all government information and services while raising the level of information security.

Visa Services

Through a service, we can perform the following services: Issuance of exit and return visas, Cancellation of exit and return visas, Issuance of final exit visas, Cancellation of final exit visas

Absher Business

To provide the services of an individual establishment whose total number of workers does not exceed 100 workers

Residence Validity

This service allows citizens and residents to inquire about the validity of the residence permit and its expiry date, whether it is valid or expired.

Join with many successful organizations

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باندا اكسبرس
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