[Business Skill] company dedicates itself to facilitating the steps of Initiating economic business facilitating its conduct and completion, and providing all services and related work by best international practices.

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[Business Skill] is a leading company in the field of providing economic business services and consulting. The company has a team of experienced experts and consultants who are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our clients. We adopt a comprehensive approach that enables our clients to achieve sustainability and excellence in their markets. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and professionalism, and we always strive to achieve our customers’ aspirations and improve their economic performance.

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At [Business Skill], we seek to be the leading company in the field of economic business services and consulting. We aspire to achieve excellence by providing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We believe in the importance of building relationships based on trust and transparency with our customers and partners. Our vision is to stimulate the success of our customers and contribute to the development of the overall economic business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes, a foreigner can open a Saudi company provided that he complies with local laws, regulations, and conditions regulating foreign investment in Saudi Arabia. He must have an investment permit from the Saudi Ministry of Investment (MISA).

Investors may establish the following legal entities

Shareholding company.
A limited liability company .
joint project .
Limited partnership company.
Joint liability company.

  • Industry sector

    Communications and information technology sector

    Energy and water sector

    health sector

    Transport and logistics sector

    Tourism, culture and entertainment sector

    Service sector

The foreign investor may own up to 100% of the capital of the company he intends to establish. As for the commercial license, the investor can practice business according to the following conditions: The presence of the foreign company in three different countries, and the minimum capital required to practice the activity must be Wholesale and retail trade is at least ($7,999,180), equivalent to 30 million Saudi riyals, written and not paid.

You are basically required to get the documents of the parent company or holding company certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to start the process of establishing your branch. Next, it is important that you reserve a trade name, and obtain approval from the Ministry of Economy and Dubai Economy and Tourism Economic Development (DET). Once this is done, you will need to rent office space, and you can start your business.

Although there is no official statement about which activity or industry will yield good results, here are some industries that have already been established as investment recommended industries.

For services related to information technology
Health care services
Delivery Services
Travel and tourism services
Cleaning and maintenance services
General trade business

There are four types of licenses that can be chosen if you are looking to set up a company in the UAE. they:

Commercial Licenses: Commercial licenses are issued to companies operating in the trade of goods. A few commercial activities that fall under a commercial license are trading in goods and commodities, manufacturing and exporting products, real estate, logistics services, and some other activities.
Tourism licenses: Companies operating in the travel and tourism industry, such as travel agents, tour operators, hotels and hospitality, and all activities similar to them, must obtain a tourism license.
Professional licenses: This is a mandatory license issued to individuals wishing to provide any type of service. As this is a service-related license, it is important that individuals provide evidence of experience or educational qualification as proof of their knowledge in this field.
Industrial licenses: Designated for companies that engage in industry-related services such as manufacturing, natural resource processing, or raw material processing. One of the basic requirements for obtaining or operating an industrial license is that the company must have a warehouse within the United Arab Emirates

How long does it take to renew a license?

It will take less than one week to renew your license, provided you send all the required documents with you. These documents are:

Copies of passport and visa for shareholders
Your business lease (if applicable)
A copy of your previous business license
Form BR/1 signed by shareholders

As per routine requirements it is necessary to have an office address in order to obtain a business license for your company. However, you do not necessarily need an office space to apply for a business license. Depending on your business, if you do not need an office to carry out your daily activities, you can obtain a virtual office license which will serve as an address that you can use in your business license, which can also be the space where you can hold business meetings if necessary, and you can use it as a mailing address. like that

To liquidate your company, you must first submit all documents to the relevant authorities such as original registration certificates, shareholder resolutions, commercial license, obtaining clearance certificates, company incorporation document in the UAE, power of attorney, and some other documents. You then have to place an advertisement in a newspaper and wait 45 days. After this period, the process of liquidating your company will be complete

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